1. simpledesks:

    Skylab Architecture’s Hoke Residence in Oregon is a beautiful work of architectural intrigue, filled with natural light and entirely surrounded by nature itself. It is hard to imagine many other man-made structures that can achieve such a connection between those two worlds.

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  8. "The first person you have the privilege to love today is yourself. So begin by speaking life over your identity. See yourself as God does, in His image and likeness. Encourage yourself in faith and live in abandon to what He says about you, not what you think."
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  9. "Loving people: this is where it gets real and it’s no longer abstract doctrine. To really love people and restore them, to get in the grit of their lives and lift them off the floor. It’s messy. It’s painful. It’s not romantic. It’s what Jesus did, and they killed him. But it’s what we’re made for."
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    Sharks Cove, North Shore Hawaii.

    Instagram: @aubreyschuring